Taiwan’s Extravagant Buffet Restaurant, Harbour, Opens at Iconsiam

Bangkok (Thailand) – February 21, 2019 (travelindex.com) – Charoen Pokphand Foods PLC and Taiwan’s HiLai Group jointly open “Harbour” at Iconsiam, bringing to Thailand the famous international buffet restaurant that enjoys extraordinary success in China and Taiwan where diners queue up for a month for a table.

The Iconsiam outlet, encompassing 2,000 sqm on the 6th floor, is its No.10 restaurant in the world before it is unveiled in major cities as part of CPF’s strategy to become “Kitchen of the World”.

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Mr. Sukhawat Dansermsuk, CPF’s Chief Operating Officer-Food Business and a Co-President, said that CP-HiLai Harbour Restaurant Co., Ltd. was established as a joint venture with HiLai Group with Bt130 million in registered capital.

“Diversifying into a restaurant business is one of CPF’s strategies to become “Kitchen of the World”, to increase access to quality food at all levels. Harbour has enjoyed overwhelming success in Taiwan and China. We believe that we will be warmly welcomed by Thai consumers thanks to the restaurant’s strengths coupled with Thais’ eating-out lifestyle. And that’ll be the beginning of CPF’s success in the restaurant business,” Mr. Sukhawat said.

Mr. Liu Tzu-Ming, chief executive officer of CP HiLai Harbour, said Thailand’s restaurant business shows a bright growth trend as the country is a popular tourist destination for global travelers and shows continued economic growth. This reflects in the opening of Iconsiam, a super luxury shopping complex that was completed with the highest-ever budget and becomes a new tourist landmark of the Chai Phraya River. Meanwhile, CPF is a leader in Thailand’s and global food industry with strengths to support this new business. HiLai Group is thus pleased to become its partner. “CP HiLai Harbour” targets Bt240 million in first-year revenue and plans to introduce new restaurants at major cities in Thailand such as Pattaya and Phuket.

The first Harbour restaurant covers 2,000 sqm on the 6th floor of Iconsiam, being the largest buffet restaurant in Thailand. Ready to serve diners with unique taste and services, the international buffet restaurant can accommodate 450 diners a round or about 1,000 diners per day.

“Harbour” is recognized as Taiwan’s best buffet restaurant. The house has stayed full and it is known among diners that they need to book a table at least a month in advance. A key success factor is the fresh seafood and 200 international food items. Harbour is the destination of best food from the East and the West, including Taiwan, Japan, China, Thailand, India, the West and Asean, aside from top desserts from Europe and Japan. It is the venue that can satisfy the palates of all and a visit to “Harbour” is likened to a memorable global tour for all.

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HiLai Group started with a hotel business. The first “Harbour” restaurant was opened on the 43rd flood of Grand HiLai Hotel and the success was phenomenal that the group spun off the hotel catering business and turned it to HiLai Foods Co., Ltd. The 2nd outlet was unveiled in 2011 at Hanshen Arena as Taiwan’s largest 5-star buffet restaurant. Next outlets were opened in Xi-an and Shanghai and witnessed overwhelming recognition among Chinese diners. To date, HiLai Foods operate 9 “Harbour” restaurants: 7 in Taiwan and 2 in China. The Iconsiam outlet is its No.10.