Skål International Participate at the UNWTO Affiliate Members Plenary Session

Madrid, Spain, November 11, 2020 / TRAVELINDEX / The 42nd Affiliate Members’ Plenary Session is being held on November 5-6, 2020, in Madrid under the unprecedented circumstances due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic under the theme of ‘Recovering Tourism. Rebuilding Trust. Reinforcing Partnerships’.

The objective of the session is to study and plan for this new global challenge with such a strong impact on Tourism at a global level.

“Now more than ever, we need to come together to marshal our combined resources to defeat this global threat and rebuild Tourism in a more resilient and sustainable way,” said Ion Vilcu, Director of the UNWTO Affiliate Members Department.

During the session, Daniela Otero, CEO of Skål International and member of the UNWTO Affiliate Members Board, have discussed the joint work between UNWTO and Skål International for the coming years.

“Rebuilding trust in the industry and its security, as well as caring for the people who make up the Tourism sector, must be the main priorities at this time. Skål International, as the only professional organization promoting global Tourism and friendship, uniting all sectors of the Tourism industry, works hard to support and encourage unity among the entire industry and achieve Tourism recovery,” said Daniela Otero, CEO of Skål International.
The 42nd Affiliate Members Plenary Session was set up in hybrid format, which combines in-person and virtual attendance.

On 6 November, 2020, a series of thematic sessions will take place where Daniela Otero, CEO of Skål International is invited to moderate the sessions.

These sessions are held under the theme of ‘Recovering Tourism. Rebuilding Trust. Reinforcing Partnerships’ and will present the UNWTO efforts and measures for the current and coming months as well as the best practices of some Affiliate Members in line with the priorities.

In this regard, the sessions intend to provide a specialized platform to discuss these important topics through panel debates and review of good practices. Additionally, it will explore the fundamental contribution of the UNWTO Affiliate Members on how they are tackling the current challenges and creating new opportunities for a better restart.