Alain St. Ange Meets Dr. Sylvia Earle, Recognized Champion for Ocean Protection

Victoria, Mahé (Seychelles) – February 17, 2020 ( – Seychelles politician and leader of the One Seychelles political party today had the pleasure and privilege of meeting Dr. Sylvia Earle, an esteemed marine  scientist and globally recognised champion for ocean protection.

Dr. Earle is here in Seychelles along with her team to film a programme for the BBC; when given a choice as to where in the world she would like to film, she expressed her preference for Seychelles.

She has dived in our waters, including around Aldabra, many years ago, and has expressed a lasting fondness for our islands.

Seychellois marine scientist, Ameer Ebrahim, was also in attendance during this meeting. He is escorting the team during their upcoming dives around Denis Island.

Dr. Earle continues to be an inspiration for young scientists, particularly for women in science.

She agreed with Alain St. Ange about the necessity of preserving and protecting the integrity of our islands, including Assumption island.